Our productized services leverages the latest cloud technologies to solve real world problems faced by people of all walks of life. We have carefully architected our services to be robust and scalable to meet the demands of modern lifestyles.

Cloud Printing for everyone.
Virphy is like your personal printer on the cloud. Virphy is a managed service that caters to document printing needs. You can order prints using our simple-to-use Virphy Mobile App. Prints can be picked up from one of our print partners or can be received at customer's location. Read More on Virphy.
Request for a Virphy Brochure:
Send SMS text "VIRPHY BROCHURE [YourEmail]" to 9980904040


Our design services leverages the creative talent of our team to bring the best representation of concepts to communicate with people of all walks of life.

Virphy Design and Print Center.
We are a creative design studio with integrated print facility. Our goal is to create designs that are fresh, creative, conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We add art to our customer's lives, making every occasion special and memorable.

Our Services

We undertake designing special occasion/projects/brand/merchandize or invite cards.

We create brand identity on mugs, t-shirts, caps, pens and notebooks.

Document Printing:
We offer cloud printing for documents using Virphy App - for pickup or receive at customer's location.


Smuuth Innovative Solutions is a young company focused on development of productized cloud services and creative design services. Smuuth practices Process Oriented Product Development, where the product conceptualization and development are focused on customer oriented workflows and processes. The focus of Smuuth is to leverage technology and creativity for the benefit of people of all the walks of life. Smuuth is committed to customer orientation and want that to be the DNA of the organization, as reflected below in Motto.

Smuuth is founded by Girish Elchuri (LinkedIn), who is the primary Director of the company and has about 33 years of IT industry experience in product development and services in start-up as well as large companies. He has held senior management positions and has vast management experience and technically very hands-on. He has experience in independently running large engineering teams focused on product development and also been in-charge of hosting and running internal and customer-facing data-centres. Apart from rich engineering and IT background, he has very empathetic customer orientation.

"At Smuuth we believe and practice the philosphies - Customer Orientation, Continuous Improvement and Keeping Things Simple. We firmly believe, by practicing these philosophies we will achieve highest level of customer satisfaction." - Girish Elchuri




Whatever we do must be efficient. Whatever we deliver to customers should improve their efficiency. This comes from process orientation.



In whatever we do, we should be highly ranked by the customers for the quality of service we provide.



What we deliver must be complete and make customers amazed at the quality of our services. Whatever we do and deliver must be top class and be a gold standard.


"I have professionally known Girish for close to 25 years. Right through his career he has worked in the areas of Product Development. As a technical leader, Girish has delivered complex software products. He has immense experience in Product Conceptualization and development. He is technically hands-on. His creative bent of mind and strong Industrial Engineering orientation has given him the platform to develop his ideas into practical solutions in form of products. His natural ability to socially and technically interact with engineers forms the basis of his success mantra."

Vikram Shah Investor, Mentor, Board Member and Advisor